Custom Jewelry Creations


Our expert jewelers and Master Goldsmiths are on-site during business hours to assist with any jewelry or watch repairs that you may need. With over 150 years of combined experience, our team ensures that your prized pieces are repaired, sized, and cleaned to perfection. 

For minor repairs, our jewelry experts may be able to fix or size your jewelry or watches while you wait. Most other repairs can be completed in a three-day turnaround. Stop by one of our six locations, no appointment is necessary! 

Jewelry Repairs and Maintenance at Sissy’s Log Cabin

Sissy’s Log Cabin offers complete repairs on any piece of jewelry. Our jewelers can replace damaged or missing stones, replace or retip prongs, resize your beloved pieces, and repair broken chains or clasps. We will fix anything – even if the item wasn’t bought in our store.

We recommend  that you bring your fine jewelry in every six months for thorough cleaning and maintenance, which includes retipping prongs to ensure your precious stones are never lost. Have questions? Give your local Sissy’s Log Cabin a call today.

Watch Repair and Sizing

We are proud to be a Rolex Authorized Service Center. A properly repaired timepiece should keep ticking for years, which is why our watch repairs come with a two-year warranty. Luxury timepieces consist of many small parts that should only be serviced by factory-trained technicians. Our highly-trained team at Sissy’s is able to service, resize, and repair most brands of watches and luxury timepieces. Visit one of our six locations for a repair today. 

Free Jewelry and Watch Cleaning

Whether you’re stopping by to shop or in need of a repair, our jewelry experts will take time to clean your jewelry. Cleanings at Sissy’s are complimentary. Stop by and see us!

Have a Question for Our Team?

Complete the form below with any questions you may have about jewelry or watch repairs at Sissy’s Log cabin. A member of our team will reach out as soon as possible.