Fine Jewelry Appraisals at Sissy’s Log Cabin

When you stop by your nearest Sissy’s location for a jewelry appraisal, our expert jewelers and gemologists will take the time to understand your personal history with your piece of jewelry and determine a timeline of when you can expect a certified appraisal report.

Our expert gemologists are highly trained in assessing gemstone quality, rarity and overall value of the complete piece. Whether you’re needing jewelry appraised for insurance or tax purposes, or you’re curious about a family heirloom, you can trust our experts at Sissy’s Log Cabin to give you an accurate and detailed appraisal.

Sissy’s appraisal pricing varies depending on the item, however, our prices generally start at $165 for the first item, then $65 for additional items. Please see a store associate for an exact quote.

How Often Should Jewelry Be Appraised?

If you are appraising your jewelry for insurance purposes, it is recommended that your pieces are appraised every five years. The price of precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds vary over time due to changes in the market, which affect your fine jewelry’s value. For the most accurate value, we recommend appraising your fine jewelry every three years.

Have a Question for Our Team?

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