Sissy's Fall Jewelry Trends

SIssy's Fall 2023 Trends


No season compares to fall for fashion. From the myriad of rich fabrics to the warm colors of autumn, style heats up as the temperatures drop. To create the perfect fall ensembles, you have to have the right jewelry – which you can always find at Sissy’s Log Cabin. Read on to learn more about jewelry’s role in fall fashion, the season’s latest trends and how to translate them to your own style.

The Role of Jewelry in Fall Fashion

Fall fashion is all about layers, and the right jewelry adds a new dimension of depth and interest to your outfit. You can also enhance the natural warmth of your fall looks by incorporating jewelry featuring yellow gold or gemstones. With spectacular jewelry, even the simplest fall outfits can be transformed into a style statement.

Our Favorite Fall Jewelry Trends

This fall is full of exciting trends, but at Sissy’s Log Cabin, we have a few favorites:


Brooches are back in a big way, and we love seeing them pinned to sweaters, coats, scarves and more. Fall in love with this autumn accessory at Sissy’s Log Cabin!

Brooches at Sissy's Log Cabin


Yellow Gold & Diamonds 

Diamonds are a classic favorite year-round. Whether you’re searching for the perfect pendant, an extraordinary ring, or a striking piece to add to your stack, choose a yellow gold and diamond look from Sissy’s.

Yellow Gold with Diamonds at Sissy's Log Cabin



As the leaves change, so do the colors of our wardrobe! A beautiful gemstone piece can elevate any fall occasion ensemble. Embrace the colors of the season with a variety of gemstone jewelry from Sissy’s Log Cabin.

Beautiful Gemstones at Sissy's Log Cabin


Fall Styling Tips

Maximalism is the style of fall 2023. Think layered necklaces, stacks of rings and bracelets, and cascading earrings falling against a cozy cashmere turtleneck. Create different combinations of jewelry each day to freshen up your look with the same pieces.

Personalizing Fall Jewelry

While we love trends, it’s important to stay true to your personal style. Pair family heirlooms or jewelry box favorites with trendier pieces to make your autumn ensembles one-of-a-kind.

Find your jewelry style at Sissy's Log Cabin


Why Choose Sissy's

For more than 50 years, our customers have trusted us to provide both trendy and timeless pieces that will be loved for generations – and decade after decade, we’ve delivered.

Take your fall look to the next level and find out why so many people have chosen Sissy’s as their trusted jeweler for a lifetime by shopping online or visiting us in-store.