2022 Jewelry Trends to Watch

2022 is here – along with a host of exciting jewelry trends. Read on to learn more about the pieces we can’t wait to wear this year.


Pearls are taking on a whole new persona this year – clutch your pearls and get ready for layered styles, varying shapes and subtle colors.

Bold Metals

We’re going to see a lot of vibrant, beautiful yellow gold in 2022. We’re also going to start seeing some hints of cooler metals like silver and white gold.


Hoop earrings, chain link necklaces, and beautiful bangles — there are plenty of hoops to go around and the bigger the better.

Playful Colors

Get ready for a season of colors in every shade of the rainbow. Gone are the days of tediously matched colors. The new trend? Whatever hues you like best.

Chains and Links

From delicate links to chunky chains, this trend will continue into the new year for men and women.

Cuff Bracelets

Bulky cuffs are staying around for 2022. This year’s style will show a nod to embedded diamonds and colored gemstones.

Shop 2022’s Top Trends

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